Our Values

Our values are at the core of our attitude towards life and work; they are an internal compass that helps us make decisions in complex situations; these are the principles that we follow always and everywhere.

Guiding points that help us make the right decisions in any situations:

I am a leader

  • We take responsibility for our actions and for what is happening around us.
  • We give our best effort.
  • We continuously develop and improve ourselves, the bank and our environment.
  • We are honest with each other and with our clients.

We are a team

  • We gladly help each other, working to achieve a common goal.
  • We are open and trust our colleagues.
  • We respect each other.
  • We help our colleagues grow and develop.

All for the customer

  • All our activities are built around clients and are in their interests.
  • We aim to surprise and delight clients with the quality of our services and attitude.
  • We exceed client expectations.