Dividend Payment Report

In 2014, as a result of operations performed in 2013, the bank allocated 20% of the net profit accounted for by shareholders and calculated in accordance with the IFRS consolidated financial statements for dividend payment.

The dividend payment for year-end 2014 will be subject to review by the Supervisory Board as part of the preparation for the bank’s Annual General Shareholders Meeting. Following the discussion, the total profit allocated for dividend payment and dividends corresponding to one share of each category will be subject to further approval. Resolutions of the General Shareholders Meeting are disclosed in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and are available on Sberbank’s website: www.sberbank.ru and on the Group’s website: sberbank.com. Dividend payments for Sberbank shares in the last two years are as follows:

Year Ratio accrued to dividend payments, the Group IFRS net profit Bank’s RAS net profit ratio allocated for dividend payment Dividends per one ordinary share, in RUB Dividends per one preferred share, in RUB Total dividends on ordinary and preferred shares, in RUB mn Date of the General Shareholders Meeting, where the decision pertaining to dividend payment was made
2012 16.9% 17.0% 2.57 3.20 58,678 31.05.2013
2013 20.0% 19.2% 3.20 3.20 72,278 06.06.2014

On March 20, 2015, the bank’s Supervisory board approved a new version of the Dividend Policy that is available on Sberbank’s website www.sberbank.ru and on the Group’s website: sberbank.com.