General shareholders’ meeting

The General Shareholders’ Meeting is the supreme management body of the bank which acts on principal issues of the bank’s activity.

The bank’s shareholders have the right to make key decisions and approve documents regulating the corporate governance system, as well as elect members of the Supervisory Board and the CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board. Each shareholder may exercise the right to vote at the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Shareholders (or their representatives) are entitled to express their opinion to and ask questions of the Chairman of the meeting, members and candidates to the Supervisory Board and the Statutory Audit Commission, the auditor’s representative and members of the bank’s executive bodies attending the meeting. The meeting may be attended remotely, as the bank constantly organises (since 2011) online streaming of meetings in Russian and English on the corporate website.

The procedure for preparing and holding the General Shareholders’ Meeting is governed by the Regulation on the General Shareholders’ Meeting of OJSC Sberbank of Russia.