Sberbank Share Capital Structure

OJSC Sberbank of Russia is a public company that operates on various markets, with shares trading free on the Russian stock market, as well as in London, Frankfurt and in the USA (over-the-counter) as ADR.

From the moment of the bank’s transformation into a joint-stock company in June 1991, investors (Russian and foreign individuals and legal entities) have placed 13 stock issues. The share capital equals RUB 67.76bn and comprises 21,586,948,000 ordinary shares and 1,000,000,000 preferred shares, with nominal value of RUB 3 each.

The bank’s principle shareholder is the Central Bank of Russia, with a 50% participatory interest of the share capital including 1 share carrying voting rights, or 52.32% in voting shares.

Shareholder Percentage of the share capital as of share register record date, %
2013 (COB of April 11, 2013) 2014 (COB of June 17, 2014)
Bank of Russia 50.0 + 1 share 50.0 + 1 share
Foreign legal entities 44.0 43.52
Russian legal entities 2.3 2.52
Private investors 3.7 3.96