Shareholder and Investor Relations

Institutional Investor Relations

In 2014, the Sberbank team took part in 18 international investment conferences, held 405 meetings with investor representatives, engaging over 700 investment funds and around 1,000 portfolio managers in order to increase the bank’s information transparency and its investment potential.

The annual perception study on Sberbank’s evaluation by leading international investors and analysts held since 2011 demonstrates constant improvement in financial communications, information disclosure, reference materials and increase in availability and recognition of the bank’s management among investors, which favours the bank’s equity story.

Committee for Minority Shareholder Engagement

At Sberbank, minority shareholder engagement is maintained by the Committee for Minority Shareholder Engagement under the chairmanship of Anton Danilov-Danilyan. In 2014, the focus was placed on the interaction with Sberbank’s subsidiaries and separate business segments.

Meetings of the Committee in Moscow were dedicated to presentations on new approaches to operational management, innovative technologies development, CJSC Sberbank Leasing and CJSC Sberbank AST operation results, and development of a loan system for small, medium and large businesses. In December 2014, the Committee held one visiting meeting at the South-West regional bank of Sberbank with over 200 shareholders participating.