Corporate services

Sberbank is one of the key finance providers in the Russian economy, continuously improving and expanding product offerings for all corporate customer categories.

The growth in Sberbank’s corporate loan book in 2014 resulted in 36% According to Sberbank’s management reports outpacing the sector’s growth of 30.3%, based on year-end results.

Key achievements in 2014 in corporate services were as follows:

  • The launch of a new service model for services to largest, large, and medium-sized corporate customers. The new model establishes customer service teams and assigns customer and product managers to all customers. The model prioritises the customer base and develops optimal product offerings for the customer, contributing to a significant improvement in service quality and efficiency of corporate services.
  • Applying RAROC RAROC is Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital in the corporate lending process, which is key to customer price flexibility for certain products based on risk and the total return ratio for all bank products used by this customer.
  • Sberbank’s share of total corporate funds of the banking system increased to 21.9% based on 2014 results (versus 17.2% in the previous year) owing to efficient corporate funds raising efforts.

In 2014, Sberbank continued to improve performance and optimise its corporate business structure, taking into account the new economic environment. A number of important organisational and HR decisions, including appointment of a new head of the business, were made at the end of the year for the corporate investment business (Sberbank CIB), which services the bank’s major customers. A new business organisation was developed, the implementation of which started in 2015.