Corporate business

Large and medium-sized businesses

Sberbank prioritised its customers as part of implementing a new service model in 2014. The potential of each large or medium-sized business customer was estimated using a product and task configurator, centralised planning and business development plan follow-up was employed. The launch of the new service model facilitated an annual increase in the number of products per customer from 3.3 to 3.6.

Throughout the year, the bank continued to improve lending and guarantee extensions on loan terms and collateral requirements, also providing for more pricing flexibility based on borrower quality and risk. Thus, special conditions for the financing of government-supported projects were determined, the decision-making process for the low-risk guarantees was streamlined, and the period for making decisions on unified products was reduced. Special focus was placed on developing and promoting products that will facilitate access to government support for agricultural businesses that will further support import substitution in Russia.

A special government relations service line was set up in mid-2014 to liaise with the governments of Russia’s constituent entities and local governments.

Small and micro businesses

Developing cooperation with small and micro businesses is one of the key segments of Sberbank’s operations. Based on year-end results, the number of active small business customers exceeded one million. Despite the challenging environment, the loan portfolio of this customer category increased by 2%.

Sberbank is focusing on setting up an accessible and convenient infrastructure for small business development in Russia. In 2014, the bank made significant efforts to enhance the performance and attractiveness of the Business Development Centres and the internet portal Business Environment, offering a wide range of services for business launch, management, and development:

  • The bank started to launch new format Business Development Centres with an extended list of non-banking services and by offering the ability to receive different government services using the „one-stop shop” principle (25 updated centres were functioning as at the end of the year).
  • The Business Environment portal launched services for remote submission of reports to the Federal Tax Service and preparation and submission of business registration documents.
  • Educational workshops and on-line video broadcasts are regularly held on the internet portal and in centres across the country.

Based on 2014 results, the number of users registered with the Business Environment portal exceeded 145,000 entities.

During the year, Sberbank continued to improve and expand its product offerings for small business customers. Thus, products facilitating small business access to government procurement processes (Tender Guarantees, Tender Loans, and integrated bidding solutions) were replicated across the branch network. Large-scale customer migration from the old remote service systems to Sberbank Business Online was completed. The number of customers connected to Sberbank Business Online exceeded one million at the end of the year.



Services for сorporate сustomers

Sberbank continues to develop and implement new cutting-edge services that improve the attractiveness and efficiency of bank services for corporate customers. The main focus is on creating services using innovative information technologies and transferring as many transactions as possible to remote channels.

In 2014, the bank implemented a service enabling customers to open and use accounts online followed by execution of necessary documents, which improves bank service accessibility and saves customers’ time. In December 2014 alone, the system was used to open 4,100 accounts.

During the year, the bank continued to expand the functionality and customer coverage of its E-Invoicing service of electronic document management. In cooperation with its partners, Sberbank is undergoing a transition to electronic document management by offering additional discounts to increase customer interest in this product. By the end of 2014 the E-Invoicing service covered 60,000 customers.

Another pilot innovative product — the Business Tablet — was launched in 2014 in five regions. The product supports cash operations, daily business tasks, document management and obtaining cash flow details at any place and at any time. Alongside with providing access to Sberbank Business Online and Sberbank Online systems, the Business Tablet also enables the user to accept credit card payments and print out receipts, manage customer requests through the contact centre, and remotely prepare and submit reports to various government authorities.

As part of Cash Management service, a new product of monitoring accounts opened with other banks was launched to allow clients to receive detailed information on cash flows through accounts opened with other commercial banks, including Sberbank subsidiary banks. The number of accounts connected to the account cash management services grew by 60% in 2014.