Сorporate and investment business

Services for largest clients

Significant improvements in corporate services, coupled with a tendency toward substitution of foreign financing, resulted in expansion of Sberbank’s major customer base to include reliable borrowers with a public credit reputation, which in turn led to growth in the loan book of this client category and had a positive impact on loan book quality, created additional cross-selling potential for other bank products.

Based on 2014 results, the loan book of major customers increased 1.5 times to RUB 7.1 trillion, approximating 60% of Sberbank’s total corporate loan book as at the end of the year.

Trade finance business

The trade finance business is being consistently developed. The scope of Sberbank’s trade finance and documentary business transactions in 2014 exceeded USD 36 bn. Along with developing cooperation with its partners in Western and Eastern Europe, the bank is steadily upscaling transactions with Asia-Pacific countries, mainly with China as well as India, South Korea, and Singapore.

In 2014, Sberbank substantially increased its active transactions in the trade finance and documentary business portfolio. Business involving issuance of guarantees to secure counter-guarantees of foreign partner banks alone increased almost six times in 2014.

Investment banking business

Despite the challenging market environment in 2014, the investment banking business was able to demonstrate decent results in many areas.

The launch of a new model for servicing largest customers and ongoing improvements in processes and team competencies contributed to substantial growth in the level of customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction index increased from 73.6 in 2013 to 77.6. Based on the completed market survey The survey was conducted by an independent company „TNS MIC”., Sberbank CIB became the leader in customer satisfaction in Russia.

Another successful venture despite the lack of liquidity was the implementation of share transactions with a complex structure in real estate, the consumer sector, and the mining industry through Sberbank Merchant Banking.

The bank received some industry-wide awards for its achievements in the investment banking business, including the Best Brokerage House in Russia and CIS Award (based on the Extel Survey) and the Most Innovative Investment Bank in Central and Eastern Europe Award from The Banker magazine.