Sberbank Europe AG

Sberbank Europe AG, Austria (SBE) and its full-service subsidiary banks operate in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Ukraine. A full-fledged corporate bank was launched at the Vienna central office and its loan book at the end of 2014 exceeded EUR 1.7 bn. SBE Group’s branch network includes 290 divisions servicing over 600,000 legal entities and individuals.

In order to ensure fast-paced integration of SBE within Sberbank Group, Sberbank Group implements a common liquidity management model, monitors and manages distressed assets and implements a new crediting process for corporate customers in line with the standards of Sberbank of Russia.

Key qualitative achievements of Sberbank Europe in 2014:

  • SBE Group implemented its rebranding project. Renaming of the head bank was followed by renaming SBE Group subsidiaries Including the intermediate decision to rename the Ukrainian bank to VS Bank.. Brand awareness increased from 0% to 14%.
  • SBE Group opened its flagship offices in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (also in the city of Banja Luka).
  • The Sberbank Direct business was launched as a bank branch in July 2014 in Germany. Without an aggressive marketing campaign, the subdivision demonstrates excellent results in mobilising liabilities. Over EUR 500 mn was deposited online by retail customers.
  • In Q1 2014, SBE received a debut syndicated loan from major international banks.
  • The SBE Group’s IT strategy was approved in September 2014. All Group banks obtained approvals from local regulators to use Sberbank’s Mega-Data Center resources in Moscow, which significantly mitigates external risks and supports uninterrupted business and significantly optimises future expenses.