Customer service quality

Handling customer calls remains as one of Sberbank key priorities. The results of initiatives aimed at improving customer service revealed over one hundred systemic issues in the bank’s processes and highlighted measures to cope with each issue. Over 30 improvement measures were introduced that reduced the number of customer calls by 31% during the year.

Remote service channels are an efficient means to reduce the load off the branch network: in 2014, 93% of customers queued for no more than 10 minutes in 94% of offices equipped with the Queue Management System.

Sberbank Call Centre particularly focuses on quality of service, growth of productivity, and personnel training. In 2014, the bank managed to keep a record low average waiting time of 35 seconds. The Call Centre’s customer satisfaction increased from 70% to 80%, even against substantially increased call volumes (in 2014, the bank received 77.7 mn calls versus 61.6 mn calls a year earlier).

Based on the results of the survey conducted by ARMI-Marketing, an independent company, 72% of customers are fully satisfied with Sberbank service quality, and the share of such customers in 2014 increased by 7 pp.