Sources of Non-interest income

Growth in bankcard issuance has significantly increased the volumes of operations with cards. The turnover on card operations in 2014 increased by more than one third. The share of non-cash transactions in total card turnover has been growing sustainably, increasing from 19.5% to 23.8%.


Sberbank was rated first in Europe by the number of issued cards.

In 2014, Sberbank launched bankcards of Russian payments system the Universal electronic card (PRO100) across Russia with an issuance by the end of the year exceeding 50,000 cards. PRO100 cards are issued as Personal or Payroll cards and are accepted across the entire Sberbank acquiring network and by the banks that are members of UEC Payment System.


Acquiring services

The number of active selling points accepting Sberbank acquiring services increased by 40,200 to 446,100 over the course of the year.

Sberbank commission income from trade acquiring services in 2014 increased to RUB 30.4 bn (+43% versus 2013) with Sberbank share in the acquiring market increasing by 3.2 pp to 46.4%.

The annual turnover on bankcards in the Internet increased from RUB 17 bn to RUB 47 bn and the total number of clients using Internet acquiring service from Sberbank exceeded 750 corporate entities.

Payments and money transfers

In 2014 there was a sustainable growth in payments from individuals to legal entities relative to all types of payments. The average number of payments grew by 27% reaching a daily level of 10 mn payments. Sberbank was the leader of the market in processing housing and utilities payments with a market share of 35%, while its coverage of the mobile telecommunication payments market was 39%. The result was achieved through active promoting of non-cash payments via Mobile Banking and Sberbank Online.

The number of Direct Debit service users reached 19.6 mn Sberbank clients (+35% per year). The number of users of Direct Debit for Mobile Communications payments reached 12.9 mn people. The number of Direct Debit subscribers for Housing and Utilities payments was 6.7 mn people in over 100 Russian cities.


The volumes of money transfers increased significantly in 2014, growing by 60% with a total transferred amount of RUB 4.3 trillion. Growth was driven mainly by card transfers.

The increase in non-cash payments and transfers was facilitated by the development of Yandex.Money services, a Sberbank subsidiary. As part of integration with Yandex.Money in 2014, Sberbank continued to improve its payment solutions, expand its range of joint services and customer base. Sberbank became the core channel for top-ups of Yandex.Money e-wallets with a total monthly top-up volumes exceeding RUB 1 bn. The bank is steadily developing distribution of digital products of Yandex.Money partners via Sberbank Online, as well as promotes „Pay with Sberbank” solution for Yandex.Money products.