«The Sberbank stress test» case study


The critical point of Russia’s currency crisis in late 2014 was Black Tuesday on the December 16, 2014. Throughout that day, RUB lost about 24% of its value against USD and almost 28% against EUR. This significant devaluation of RUB led to panic among bank customers resulting in an increased load on all Sberbank’s operating systems.

Despite a significantly increased load on all operational services, Sberbank managed the crisis and satisfied its customer demands. Moreover, Sberbank’s December results demonstrated an inflow of deposits from individuals and corporations.

Sberbank Group is represented in 22 countries. The Russian market is the key market for the Group, where over 82% of the Group’s assets are located and where the bulk of Group profits is earned.

Based on materiality principles, the first part of the report describes the Group’s business in the Russian market and the second part provides key performance results of subsidiary banks.