Contributing to the development of regions of operation

Our main contribution to regional development is that we provide funding for the development of projects aimed not only at commercial, but also at social benefits. These projects are designed to solve problems of specific regions or the country as a whole, and thus to accelerate economic development and improve the social situation in the region. We provide loans to companies operating in industries of importance (oil, agricultural, and light industries) and participate in public-private partnership (PPP) projects in such sectors as infrastructure development, industrial park construction, and housing and social facilities construction (kindergartens, schools, and hospitals).

Figure 3: Sberbank Group’s funding of social projects in regions of operation in 2014 and their impact

Training of government leaders of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Sberbank Corporate University held a number of educational events for the heads of regional executive bodies from December 2013 to December 2014. In particular, the Corporate University organised four professional development courses on “New management technologies” for 550 executives from 15 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. These courses covered topics important to Russia’s state government: new principles of effective management, information technology management, project management, investment attractiveness of regions, and new models of management in the social sector. The courses included success stories of new management technique implementation in the regions.