Small business support

Small business support in Russia

Sberbank offices in Russia serve 1.1 mn of active small business clients. The customer base in this category increased by 127,000 clients in 2014 and total disbursements amounted to RUB 361.4 bn.

We develop our service infrastructure to work with small business clients and pay special attention to Business Development Centres (BDC), which are specialised bank units that provide comprehensive services to micro and small business segments. These services include consulting and business training. About 30,000 people received BDC training through onsite and online video seminars in 2014.

Table 4: Sberbank infrastructure for serving small businesses in 2014
Type of customer service outlet Number
Offices providing services to corporate clients, including: 1,507
General purpose customer service outlets that provide services to both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs 1,256
Special purpose offices that provide services to small business clients, including: 251
Business Development Centres (BDC) 100
Offices with Multifunctional State Service Centre zone 25

In the reporting period we continued to develop BDCs and equipped 25 offices with Multifunctional State Service Centre zones. In these zones entrepreneurs are provided with a wide range of state and municipal services following the «one-stop-shop» principle (for instance, filing accounts to tax authorities, registration of real estate rights, etc.).This facilitates offering a widest range of non-financial services for small business development at one site, and enhances business efficiency.

To support entrepreneurs we proactively enhance their financial literacy in the online zone. «School for small business», the Business Environment portal, offers over 160 video courses from leading experts accessible on a twenty-four hour basis. There are also weekly online seminars (webinars) on all startup and business matters. The Business Environment portal had 3,200 registered users and 145,000 legal entities in 2014. Over 4.8 mn unique visitors have visited the website.

While developing new solutions for small business customers, we focus on aligning our products with our customers’ needs. In 2014 we launched a product range that will make business management more convenient:

  • Sberbank Business Online mobile application that allows to control current account from a smartphone;
  • E-invoicing that helps organisations to optimise interaction with each other and with tax authorities through electronic document flow;
  • «Business tablet» that has a special card reader and a mobile receipt printer;
  • service for remote registration of individual entrepreneurs by means of electronic signature on the Business Environment portal.

Figure 4: Loan portfolio for «Credit Factory» technology and «Business» product line for small businesses at Sberbank, RUB bn

Our efforts at supporting small businesses have led to positive results:

  • two complaints and claims per 1,000 active corporate clients and 1.5 — for small business clients (the average for Russian banks is 56 complaints According to «Finalta» consulting company.);
  • small business customers’ satisfaction rate remained stable compared to the previous year and totalled 66 points (for competitor banks this indicator decreased by one point over the same period).

Small business support in the Group

Table 5: Small business support at the subsidiary banks of Sberbank Group in 2014
Subsidiary bank Measures implemented during the reporting period
Sberbank Kazakhstan

«Sberbank Start up» product was added to the portfolio. This product is aimed at funding startup entrepreneurs and is implemented by entrepreneurship development fund «Damu»

Improved performance of the Business development centre in Almaty by means of service extension and equipping offices for clients’ negotiations

Organisation of work at Semey regional centre (branch in Ust-Kamenogorsk)


Cooperation with development banks in financing small business customers, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (a package of 15 energy efficiency projects was formed worth EUR 10 mn (RUB 504.6 mn)) and the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus (9-project package was formed worth RUB 30 bn)

Training seminars on «Banking products as a financial instrument for the development of small and medium-size businesses» in Mogilev, Brest, and Slutsk

Reforming the employee category system: employees were assigned specific functions to support credit operations in order to increase employee specialisation and improve the quality of small business customer service

Sberbank Ukraine

Holding promotion campaigns that offer special conditions for small business clients: «Agrokapital» campaign provided funds for purchasing agricultural products at special rates, and «Easy calculations» campaign for small business customers engaged in export activities

Set-up in the contact centre of the separate technical support for front-office interactive system iFOBS, which is often used by small business customers


Issue of a special credit card for small and medium-size businesses «SME Card», which provides access to several products: overdraft loans and loans with repayment in instalments. It can also be used as a corporate credit card (32% of market share in Turkey by the number of cards issued for this category)

Launch of a new product for micro businesses that facilitates loan request processing and loan extension in one day without collateral and with a minimal set of documents

Sberbank Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Launch of «Super businessman» campaign to support micro business together with the largest Croatian holding company operating in the food industry and retail trade: clients of the holding company are provided with soft loans for replenishment of current assets

Agricultural «Producer card» issued by DenizBank

DenizBank has been issuing a bankcard «Producer card» designed specifically for customers in the agricultural sector for 10 years. The card enables producers to get a loan for a period of up to one year, with loan maturity tied to the harvest period when producers earn their main income. This reduces their financial burden during the year and, in particular, during the sowing period. The card can also be used for interest-free fuel purchases from partner companies for up to five consecutive months. There is also a grace period during which producers can buy seeds, fertilisers, feed and other agricultural commodities and pay with the card without the need to pay interest. In 2014 about 500,000 customers used the agricultural «Producer card».