Raising resource and energy efficiency

Sberbank is a financial institution with the largest network of customer service outlets in Russia. For maintaining our operations we need significant amounts of electricity and heat. We are taking steps to save energy in order to minimise our impact on the environment and to raise the efficiency of our operations. To compare our energy consumption over time, we use a specific ratio, namely, energy consumption per employee. The ratio has remained approximately at the same level with a tendency to decline.

Figure 25: Energy consumption per employee at Sberbank Group, GJ/person

Since 2013, Sberbank has been using systems of electronic office document circulation in its administrative arrangements to save paper. According to the bank’s assessment, we managed to save at least 30 tonnes of paper within two years, which equals to 5.6 hectares of forest.

Subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of the Group also implement steps for resource conservation.

Table 26: Sberbank Group’s measures to reduce resource consumption
Measure Member of the Group
Energy efficient office equipment (computers, printers, etc.), air conditioners, etc. Sberbank, Cetelem Bank, Sberbank Switzerland, Sberbank Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia)
LED lamps and movement detectors

Sberbank, Sberbank Kazakhstan, Sberbank Switzerland,

Sberbank Europe (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia),

Sberbank Technologies

Electronic document circulation and electronic archiving

Sberbank, Cetelem Bank, Sberbank Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia),

Sberbank Insurance

Paper recycling

Sberbank, BPS-Sberbank, Sberbank Switzerland

Sberbank Europe (Hungary), Sberbank Insurance

Hybrid and electric cars


Sberbank Europe (Slovenia)

Sensor water mixers and other tools to save water


Sberbank Kazakhstan

These measures enabled subsidiary banks and companies to achieve the following results in 2014:

  • Sberbank Europe (Croatia) saved approximately 138.6 kWh per employee by installing new air conditioning systems (a total of 75,000 kWh);
  • Sberbank-Technologies saved 33.1 kWh of electricity per employee by installing 1,920 LED lamps (a total of 46,080 kWh);
  • Sberbank Kazakhstan reduced its water costs by 10% as it installed sensor water mixers;
  • Sberbank Insurance gave 7.8 kg paper per employee for recycling (a total of 500 kg);
  • BPS-Sberbank saved approximately 0.7 kg of paper per employee by optimising the payroll procedure (a total of more than 3 tonnes) and approximately 9.2 kg paper per employee within 2012-2014 years by reducing paper consumption by cash machines as ATMs were installed (a total of 43.2 tonnes);
  • Sberbank Switzerland gave approximately 80% of the paper for recycling.