Charity and sponsorship

Charity and sponsorship and are a part of Sberbank Group corporate culture and a traditional way of participation in the community life. The choice of areas to support and the amount of aid are determined by specially created commissions that operate at different management levels at Sberbank and at other members of the Group.

Figure 23: Sberbank Group charity costs, RUB million

In 2014 members of Sberbank Group spent RUB 1,836.2 mn on charity. Out of ten areas of charitable work, five key activities stand apart, which account for 65% of all allocated funds (RUB 1,185.8 mn).

Figure 24: Allocation of Sberbank Group charity costs between the top 5 key areas

Sponsorship by the Group focuses mainly on socially significant projects and large-scale business events, including sports and cultural events, youth and educational projects, and major Russian and international business events.

Sports and healthy lifestyle support

In 2014, Sberbank rendered charitable aid to several Russian sports organisations that carry out activities in the following areas:

  • regular free sports activities for handicapped children;
  • improvement of material and technical base of sports facilities;
  • organisation of sporting events in different Russian cities;
  • providing support to athletes.

Subsidiary banks assisted in arranging local sports events, and provided financial support to the development of amatEUR and professional sports.

Table 25: Sports and healthy lifestyle support in Sberbank Group
Country Event/programme
Kazakhstan “Path of health” mass race
Ukraine Purchase of equipment for two sports schools
Republic of Belarus Construction of fitness and sports facilities, and team sports support
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cycling race and football schools support
Czech Republic Half marathon
Serbia Triathlon
Slovenia Half marathon
Croatia Pirates from Komin boat marathon
Slovenia Winter sports support

Cultural wealth and arts support

Sberbank provides financial assistance to museums, cultural institutions, festivals, world’s leading music groups, and also helps to restore temples and historical monuments. Since 2002 Sberbank has been a partner of the “Golden Mask” national theatre festival, and since 2011 — the general partner of Obraztsov puppet theatre’s travelling shows, which are attended by orphan children.

In 2014 the bank supported the “White cane” charity festival, included in the Cultural programme of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, as well as international film festival “Zerkalo” named after Andrei Tarkovsky.

In Ukraine the bank provided financial assistance to “Art Without Borders” Charitable Fund as support for young artists. In the Republic of Belarus the bank supported variety arts and libraries; and in Europe — arrangement of local ethnic festivals, as well as organisations promoting the development of Russian and local cultures.

Education support

In the course of education support in Russia we contributed to the implementation of the following initiatives:

  • comprehensive national education programme of Sberbank — “Virtual School”, which functions in 27 different educational institutions;
  • innovative educational project for the establishment of technical simulation and design laboratories based on 3D technologies;
  • all-Russian academic competition in financial markets for senior school students;
  • annual forum “Opora Rossii” and the all-Russian educational forum for young people “Seliger”.

Sberbank Kazakhstan assisted in the acquisition of school supplies for 1,200 first-grade students, gave educational grants to children from low-income families and sent books on economics to the libraries of leading universities of Kazakhstan. Sberbank Europe actively helped local Russian educational institutions: for example, in Serbia the bank supported a Russian school in Belgrade and in Slovenia — the Association of Russian language teachers and a local Russian centre. In Ukraine the Lviv Institute of Banking received financial aid.

Russification of educational materials of Khan Academy (Khan Academy)

In 2014, the Corporate University of Sberbank together with Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organisation, launched a large-scale project on the Russification of the educational video content of the Academy. Khan Academy provides access to a unique collection of more than 4,000 free video lectures on mathematics, economics and finance, history, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. The goal of the joint project is to provide a free access to world-class education for all citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian-speaking population of the world. Within the project over 2,300 video lectures were translated into Russian in 2014.

Children and Childcare institutions support

Sberbank traditionally provides charity assistance to children from poor and problem families, and orphanages and boarding schools. In 2014 for this purpose the bank allocated 12% of the total volume of charitable funds. Financial support was provided for the construction and renovation of schools, kindergartens and improvement of their material and technical base, rehabilitation of orphans and replenishment of special-purpose capital of educational institutions.

“Good deeds day” in Sberbank

In 2014, as a part of our large-scale “From heart to heart” charity programme, for the first time we organised a unified charity day for our employees, customers and partners, which received the name “Good deeds day”. On this day, thousands of participants across Russia visited more than 250 orphanages under the patronage of Sberbank, gave gifts to children, organised gala concerts and excursions, participated together with children in the activities of volunteer centres, and in environmental events. In various Russian cities the bank organised excursions for children to an equestrian club, oil refinery, as well as a visit to a sand show, and other educational and recreational activities. In the first five years of existence of the “From heart to heart” programme Sberbank employees adopted over 200 children from orphanages.

In Kazakhstan financial assistance was provided to students of orphanages under the patronage and to a tuberculosis sanatorium for children; and in Ukraine support was received by 20 orphanages and two sports school for children. BPS-Sberbank took a part in the “Our children” charity event to collect gifts for orphan homes. Sberbank Europe also provided financial assistance to local orphanages and reconstructed children playgrounds and kindergartens.

Healthcare and children suffering from serious diseases support

In 2014 Sberbank continued cooperation with the “Gift of Life” (Podari Zhizn’) Foundation. The bank traditionally participated as an official partner of the foundation in the organisation of the world-wide children’s “Games of winners” — the world’s largest competitions for children who survived cancer. Over 400 children from eight countries attended the event.

The bank continued issuing international “Gift of Life” Visa cards. According to the results of this initiative, during 2014 alone donations in the amount over RUB 113 mn were transferred to the “Gift of Life” charitable foundation, which is almost four times as much as during the previous year. More than RUB 280 mn have been donated to medical institutions since the beginning of cooperation with the foundation.

Sberbank Kazakhstan assisted in the rehabilitation of eight children with serious diseases and Sberbank Ukraine provided sanatorium therapy to more than 150 children. In addition to the support for medical institutions, Sberbank Europe conducted blood donation campaigns among its employees.