Enhancing financial literacy

As a part of our efforts to improve the population’s financial literacy, we provide information about basic banking products, form a responsible attitude to personal finances and explain how to use new online services.

Working with the population, we apply a targeted approach to its various categories. One of our innovations was the launch of a training programme targeted at specifically senior people — the so-called “New opportunities club”. At the pensioners’ club seminars we talk about banking products and teach senior people how to use online banking by means of easy and interactive examples from real life.

For young people we initiated a course of lectures about foundations of the financial system in our times entitled “Investing in the future”. The course was specifically designed by lecturers from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and implemented together with “Universarium” e-learning system. We also launched our entertainment application “Financial games” on three social networks in 2014. The game idea is based on the popular TV show “Brain ring”, where participants must quickly answer financial questions. The application allows teams to compete in the same or between different social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Facebook) and was installed by more than 239,000 users.

For children, Sberbank opened its office in the “Masterslavl” (Moscow) and “Kidburg” (St. Petersburg) children’s centres. Furthermore, a day celebrating financial literacy for children in grades 1-5 was held on September 1st, the Day of Knowledge. Within this project children learn about banking careers in a simple game form, pretending to be cashiers or collectors. Thus, the bank aims at generating a positive image of the profession and installing a habit of seeking help in banking institutions for financial matters.

At the beginning of the school year the bank launched the “Financy Prosto” specialised portal (www.finprosto.ru), which is the basis of Sberbank’s communication programme to improve financial literacy. On the portal users can receive detailed theoretical information on existing financial products and services. Moreover, it has features that motivate users to continue ongoing training and to improve their knowledge in the financial area. About 1 million unique visitors have visited the portal since it was launched.

Table 14: Key initiatives to enhance financial literacy in Sberbank Group in 2014
Public group Initiatives Result Coverage/country
On-site events
Pensioners Training seminars for senior citizens by the “New opportunities club” 12 pilot seminars Five Russian cities
Days of financial literacy for pensioners 52 events 1,230 pensioners in Belarus
Students and schoolchildren Lessons in financial literacy at schools and large universities and colleges together with international youth organisation AIESEC 44 schools and 10 universities More than 7,000 school and university students in Russia
Days of financial literacy for school students 8-12 years old 66 events 1,500 school students in Belarus
Online initiatives
Public at large “Financy Prosto” portal, dedicated to financial literacy (www.finprosto.ru) Special resource, incl. informational, training, interactive materials and services More than 1 mn unique visitors in Russia
Regular special project “Personal finances” on RBC

Free access to articles and news

Possibility to choose products and calculate interest rates

More than 6 mn unique visitors in Russia
School students and university students Course of lectures “Investing in the future”, created together with the Russian system of online education “Universarium” 2 courses (in spring and autumn) More than 116,000 people signed up for courses in Russia
Application “Financial games” on three social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Facebook) On-line training on basic banking products More than 239,000 downloads in Russia
Initiatives in mass media
Wide community Regular “Financy Prosto from Sberbank” broadcast on NTV channel as a part of “Dobroe Utro” show 11 stories, 3-5 minutes length each More than 1.1 mn people in Russia
Regular “Financy Prosto from Sberbank” line in “Argumenty I Fakty” newspaper 20 notes in simple perception form (infographic, question-answer, “cut and keep” note) More than 4.8 mn people in Russia