Investing in human capital

3.4.1 Key characteristics of Sberbank Group personnel

The total number of employees of Sberbank Group amounted to about 369.4 thousand people in 2014, 319.4 thousand of which are staff employees The data are presented consistently with the scope of the Report (see Section “About the Report”).. Furthermore, 86% of all employees (275.7 thousand) work for Sberbank. Most of our staff have permanent contracts (97% of the total staff) and work on a full-time basis (85%).

Figure 18: Sberbank Group headcount, thousand people

Figure 19: Sberbank Group headcount in 2014 by gender

Figure 20: Sberbank Group headcount in 2014 by age

Figure 21: Sberbank Group headcount in 2014 by employee group

3.4.2 Training system development

Training for employees

When training employees we focus on the improvement of their professional expertise and competencies. In addition, we develop their managerial and social skills. In 2014 we developed 94 new full-time training programmes, 18 of which are cross-functional, namely, applicable to several functional blocks. The programmes are primarily focused on the training of basic concepts and operations required for work and communication with the customers to ensure compliance with the bank’s quality standards.

We provided training for 251.3 thousand employees in 2014, and thereby fulfilled 95% of the training plan. The average hours of training per employee was more than 46 hours The number includes distance training..

In order to improve the training programmes, we regularly ask our employees to provide feedback on the training courses and whether they turned out to be useful. According to the results of the feedback questionnaires, the average training satisfaction score of Sberbank employees reached 9.44 points out of 10 in 2014.

Training for Management

When providing training for managers, we pay maximum attention to the development of their leadership, managerial and professional competencies.

Table 17: Most significant training and professional development programmes for Sberbank managers
Programme name Partner Programme goal Number of participants
“Workshop for managers of customer service outlets (CSO)” - Creation of uniform management culture, support of the new Sberbank strategy, creation of commitment to corporate values, improving the quality of services and customer centricity 18,732
Sberbank 500

Institut européen d’administration des affaires


Systematic training of managers aimed at increasing their general level of managerial knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform their duties in accordance with the bank’s strategy and the corporate model of competencies 361
Finance and management for bankers London Business School (LBS) Training of senior executives based on a specially designed and customised finance, banking and management programme: project finance, risk management, marketing, corporate culture and change management. The programme is based on working with strategic projects 65
Personnel reserve development programme Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) Training for personnel reserve to fill the positions of vice-chairpersons of regional banks and directors of departments 47

Distance learning

We continue to develop the practice of online training for our employees. Distance learning is efficient for studying computer programmes, legislative standards and requirements, and for acquiring basic knowledge in the fields of personal growth and management. The major resource for distance learning is our Sberbank Corporate University Virtual School. The portal offers many opportunities for studying and self-development, including more than 400 units of learning content (multimedia courses, video lectures, iPad applications, articles, etc.), e-books, webinars, and online conferences. Today 36,000 users are registered on the portal, more than half of which completed at least two courses in 2014. On average, each user accrues five training courses a year.

Training development in Sberbank Group

All Group companies provide training to employees and managers primarily aimed at the development of the following skills:

  • leadership and managerial competence;
  • professional knowledge (required for work);
  • personal qualities and social skills (soft skills);
  • command of foreign languages;
  • knowledge of computer applications.
Table 18: The duration of training for employees in subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of Sberbank Group in 2014
Subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of the Group Including:
Subsidiary banks Affiliated companies
Average duration of training per employee, hours 26 29 8
including per one employee 27 29 10
including per one manager 18 24 5

3.4.3 Attracting young professionals

We are interested in attracting students and young professionals, and actively cooperate with various educational institutions. Every year more than 13,000 students take part in practical training at Sberbank. We created 14 basic academic departments (functionally similar to Sberbank units) in Russian higher education institutions, which provide over 100 training courses for students and employees of the regional banks of Sberbank. In addition, we sponsor “Banks Battle”, an International student competition in commercial bank management.

In subsidiary banks and affiliated companies there are special “graduate” programmes aimed at attracting and developing students and graduates. In particular, in 2014 Sberbank Kazakhstan signed 20 agreements with higher education institutions, where the bank held 23 events and attracted about 220 trainees. In total, in 2014 the share of personnel under the age of 30 employed by subsidiary banks and affiliated companies constituted 71.4% of all new employees hires during the year.

3.4.4 Career ending management and continued employability programmes

Through Outplacement programme Sberbank provides assistance to its former employees with further employment or career ending due to retirement or termination of employment. In 2014, 3,608 people participated in the personnel monitoring and support programme during headcount optimisation at Sberbank, which accounted for 6% of dismissed employees.

BPS-Sberbank applies some of the Outplacement instruments: provides employees facing layoffs under labour legislation with recommendation letters and one day off per week to seek employment with other employers. In Switzerland, the bank works together with a local organisation that provides three-month support to employees who quitted their jobs at the bank. After the closure of one of the branches of Sberbank Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014, several employees of the branch were transferred to another European subsidiary bank.

3.4.5 Motivation and compensation of employees

In 2014, we increased the salaries of ordinary employees, especially of those who work directly with Sberbank clients in customer service outlets. Also, as part of the annual comparison of the salaries with the market level, in the second half of 2014 we raised salaries of employees in some Sberbank units where a salary lag was found. Due to the increase in salaries and total number of employees, labour costs raised by approximately 13% in 2014.

Due to changes in the customer service business model, we continued to improve the system of incentives for the employees of the Retail business and Corporate business units in 2014.

3.4.6 Employee performance assessment

All Sberbank employees undergo annual performance assessment as a part of Performance management system that consists of two assessment tools: performance assessment (fulfilment of annual goals) and compliance assessment of personal competences with the corporate competency model (“5+” assessment). The system ensures interconnection between performance results, career development and financial reward of employees. In 2014 due to the development of Performance management system and introduction of a new corporate competency model we updated the regulation base for the employee performance assessments.

Subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of the Group use their own performance monitoring systems, with the help of which 84% of employees were assessed in 2014.

3.4.7 Improving Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

We conducted the fifth annual survey of employee engagement and satisfaction in 2014, which covered over 148,000 Sberbank employees. In 2014 the employee engagement index grew considerably (68.9 points), demonstrating the best result for all years of the survey leaving behind the average level of Russian companies (63 points) and reaching the average level of global financial companies. We can see a strong positive trend of the index at all directly controlled regional banks and branches. All the involvement factors demonstrated considerable growth, including, to the greatest extent, satisfaction with the Sberbank top management, the system of incentives, remuneration and benefits for employees. The result was influenced, above all, by the 8% salary increase for certain categories of employees and by the transition to 100% coverage by Sberbank of the voluntary medical insurance (VMI) for employees working over one year.

Figure 22: Sberbank’s employee engagement index, points

Subsidiary banks and affiliated companies conduct their own employee engagement and satisfaction surveys both in respect to particular employment aspects and work in the company as a whole.

Table 19: Examples of employee engagement and satisfaction survey in Sberbank Group
Group member Research results of engagement and satisfaction in 2014
Cetelem Bank According to the results of the survey which involved 30% of the staff, the social policy satisfaction index was 6.22 points out of 10. The bank considered introduction of co-payment for VMI insurance policy, however, after the majority of employees stated in the survey that they were not willing to make partial payments for the VMI policies (71%), it was decided to pay the full price of VMI.
BPS-Sberbank According to the survey, which involved 50% subsidiaries of the BPS-Sberbank regional network, the quality of work of the human resource department was assessed at 7.8 points out of 10.
Sberbank-Technologies According to the online survey, employee engagement of Sberbank-Technologies was 67.1 points
Sberbank Insurance According to the results of a survey conducted among the employees of all departments, the index of satisfaction with the quality of internal services was 3.4 points out of 5.
Yandex.Money According to the results of the engagement survey, which involved 65% of employees, 87% of employees have positive perceptions of the company and are satisfied with their work.
Sberbank Europe (Austria) According to the results of the survey which involved 81% of the staff, the index of satisfaction was 65.7 points out of 100. The reason for the low rating was the work schedule, which was not flexible enough and resulted in overtime work. In this regard, a new system will be introduced in the subsidiary bank which will provide a possibility of building a more flexible work schedule.
Sberbank Europe (Czech Republic) According to the results of the survey, which involved 80% of the staff, the satisfaction index was 66.7 points and the engagement index was 67.8 points.
Sberbank Europe (Croatia) According to the results of the survey which involved 98% of the staff, the engagement index was 64.8 points.

3.4.8 Corporate benefits

The main corporate benefits at Sberbank Group are VMI costs coverage (51% of total financing), life insurance (25%), and the corporate pension plan (17%). In 2014 Sberbank Group spent RUB 5.7 bn on the corporate benefits financing. The amount of payment per employee of the Group increased by 16%.

Table 20: Benefits financing programmes in Sberbank Group
2012 2013 2014
Total benefits programmes financing, RUB mn 4,104 4,584 5,729
Benefits per employee, RUB 14,823 15,440 17,937

Voluntary medical insurance

At the request of our employees, starting from 2014 Sberbank began to cover 100% of the VMI cost for employees working in the company for more than one year. As a result, the number of employees who joined the VMI programme in 2014 increased by more than four times and the financing by Sberbank increased by more than 2.5 times compared to the previous reporting period.

Table 21: Number of participants and the amount of VMI financing by Sberbank
2012 2013 2014
Number of participants in the programme, persons 65,000 63,000 267,000
Programme financing, RUB mn 486 520 1,400

The majority of subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of the Group also provide VMI to their employees. In particular, from 2014 Sberbank Kazakhstan and the Corporate University also cover 100% of the VMI cost for the employees who worked more than one year. In Cetelem Bank a free VMI policy is available for employees working with the bank over six months. Employees of Sberbank Ukraine and their relatives are offered insurance policies at reduced rates.

Corporate pension plan

Corporate pensions are provided to the employees through Sberbank Private Pension Fund (PPF). The number of participants and the amount of financing of the pension plan demonstrate steady growth: compared to the previous reporting period, in 2014 the number of participants in the programme increased by 10% and the volume of financing increased by 22%.

Table 22: Number of participants and financing of Sberbank corporate pension plan
2012 2013 2014
Number of participants in the programme, persons 140,000 155,000 171,000
Programme financing, RUB mn 1,945 2,138 2,611

The corporate pension plans are also available at BPS-Sberbank, DenizBank, Sberbank Switzerland, and Sberbank Insurance.

Accident and critical illness insurance

Sberbank employees are provided with accident and critical illness insurance. When an insured event occurs (disability, injury, critical illness, a need for long-term treatment or death) payments are made to the injured or to his/her family. The number of participants and the amount of financing of this programme has remained stable over the past three years.

Table 23: Number of participants and the amount of financing of the Sberbank accident and critical illness insurance programme
2012 2013 2014
Number of participants in the programme, persons 262,000 267,000 273,000
Programme financing, RUB mn 837 818 780

The benefit is also provided to the employees of Sberbank PPF, Sberbank Insurance, Sberbank Technologies and Yandex.Money. Sberbank Kazakhstan provides this type of insurance to the employees of the cash collection service.

3.4.9 Occupational health and safety

Approach to occupational health and safety

Sberbank launched a special assessment process of workplace conditions in 2014, and developed and approved the following regulatory documents in the field of occupational health and safety:

  • The regulations governing the occupational health and safety in OJSC Sberbank Russia establish a uniform procedure for labour protection in the bank, basic elements, goals, and objectives for the occupational health and safety control system;
  • The process scheme for the organisation and carrying out of preliminary and periodic medical examinations of OJSC Sberbank Russia employees determines the procedures for conducting medical examinations of the bank’s employees engaged in work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions.

Occupational health and safety experts conduct special corporate seminars on a regular basis; on-site occupational health and safety audit is performed in regional banks.

Thanks to these measures, in 2014 the injury severity rate in Sberbank decreased from 39.05 to 34.37 and the injury frequency index decreased from 0.94 to 0.86.

Although the financial industry has a low level of accident frequency rate, in the banking sector there are some categories of employees who may be exposed to increased risk, in particular, drivers, security guards, cash collectors and drivers-collectors. In 2014, four Sberbank employees died during the performance of official duties. In order to avoid fatal casualties in the future, we conducted discussions with the employees of regional banks, brought to their attention the circumstances and causes of the accidents and provided extra training.

Subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of the Group also develop their own occupational health and safety systems and improve the working conditions of their employees. In particular, in 2014 Cetelem Bank, Sberbank Technologies and a branch of Sberbank Europe in Austria held a special assessment of the working conditions of their employees. The branch of Sberbank Europe in Czech Republic conducts a regular assessment of workplace ergonomics.

Healthcare and healthy lifestyle

We actively promote healthy lifestyle among our employees and help them to develop good habits. In large offices of Sberbank, in-house doctors not only advise employees in private but also participate in mass preventive actions including long-term campaigns to control blood pressure and cholesterol, and analyse the results. On average, about 100 employees a month use medical services in the offices of Sberbank.

In 2014 under the Sberbank Health programme we held four major events. The “Donor’s day” was attended by approximately 230 employees of the central office, and the “Walk to health” programme, aimed at motivating employees to get physically active and fight against hypodynamia, was attended by over a thousand Sberbank employees.

In 2014 we integrated the Health programme into our traditional campaign “Green Marathon”. Medical professionals assessed physiometric indices of 400 “Green Marathon” participants, and were provided individual recommendations based on the express measurements.

In 2014 lectures were held on “Stress, stress management, techniques and exercises” for the employees of the central office, involving experts from the Green Team company, which is engaged in the development and implementation of programmes for the prevention of professional burnout. At the lectures 600 Sberbank employees learned about the causes and consequences of stress, as well as about the ways of its correction and prevention.

In 2014 we launched a new Healthy lifestyle section in the “My Sberbank” newspaper, where each month we tell employees about the necessity of healthy lifestyle and share tips on health improvement.

Sberbankiad 2014 in Antalya

At the end of October 2014, the XI annual summer Sberbankiad took place in the Turkish city of Antalya. This event brought together employees of the Group from 12 countries of operation, 16 regional banks and the Sberbank central office. Competitions were held in nine types of sports: football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, tug of war, beach volleyball, swimming and athletics. During the five competition days, 29 programmes hosted more than 1,400 sports contests. In addition to the competitions, the event included meetings, training seminars and a festival of arts.

Subsidiary banks also promote a healthy lifestyle among their employees and implement local initiatives and activities.

Table 24: Examples of health care initiatives in subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of Sberbank Group
Bank/company of the Group Initiatives implemented in 2014 Involvement of employees
BPS-Sberbank Providing employees with a vitamin mineral complex within the “Vitamins” programme 100%
Comprehensive medical examination (health assessment) 85.3%
Influenza vaccination 7.8%
Sberbank Europe (Austria) Special consultations and examinations by a doctor in the office (weight, vision, health of the veins and the lungs, workplace ergonomics) within the “Regular Health Promotion” programme 50.9%
Consultations on the measurement of stress level, lung functioning, relaxation techniques and reduction of back pain 43.6%
Vaccination 30.2%
Sberbank Kazakhstan Campaign to encourage people to engage in physical fitness and sports — “Fashionable to be healthy” 13.4%
DenizBank Consultations of an ophthalmologist 5.3%
Consultations of a dietarian 30 persons per month
Cetelem Bank Visiting in-house doctor 8.3%
Offering fitness centre club cards to employees at corporate discount prices 1.8%
Publication of articles about healthy lifestyle and disease prevention recommendations in the corporate e-magazine Available free to all employees
Sberbank Leasing Daily sports events for employees in the fitness centre (swimming, gym, football, volleyball, yoga) 45.3%
Mini-football and volleyball tournaments 9%
Sberbank Technologies Olympics for the IT block in volleyball, basketball, table tennis and football 34.4%
Lease of third party facilities for volleyball, football, basketball and table tennis teams training 4.6%
Sberbank Private Pension Fund Implementation of the “Smoking prevention” programme aimed at reducing and preventing use of tobacco products Free participation of all employees